Dakora (dakorarei) wrote in glamdolls,

viva glam

001. Name: Dakora
002. Date of Birth: 2/17/82
003. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
004. Fave Make Up Brand(s): MAC, Clinique, Jane
005. Fave Clothing Brands(s): Lip service, express, trapped
006. Must have make up item: eye shadow, liner, base color, foundation
007. Must have fashion item: a belt, and STILETTO'S
008. Fave Store to shop at: Rave, Express, Gargoyle, Diva
009. Fave Designer: Valentino, ReVamp,
010. Describe your style: Punkish, glam goth
011. What makes you a glam doll: I have my own personal style and I love to play around with different colors and textures. I also love to make my own clothing when I have the time

Dakora Rei
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